Long time no see, again. Lots of things have been happening, though, even if they haven’t necessarily happened in the order I’d planned. (For instance, the long-mooted Weekly Webcomics idea didn’t get going. Yet.)

Having assembled a reasonably decent set of film gear in recent months, Steve and I have been doing a series of short items for the film show on Big Centre TV—Steve presenting, me directing & editing. Big Centre is soon to become Made in Birmingham, but hopefully we’ll continue working on this material as before. You can see one (and soon more) of these items in the Film/Video part of my revamped but under construction portfolio here.

The most recent piece, a short extract from a longer interview with Alan FrightFest Jones, which we did in London on October 19th, airs on Big Centre today (Halloween, appropriately). We’ll be uploading it to YouTube fairly soon.

Plans are also afoot for a live-action Club Vamporama teaser/short film (probably about two minutes long), as well as a short film idea of Steve’s. The casting is underway for both projects but I can’t say more at this time! Well, I can say that I did artwork & design for a poster that will feature in the Vamporama film. It depicts Bette Noir, etc. I shall be posting this shortly.

And speaking of artwork—namely the aforementioned Webcomics idea—although the Webcomics entries on this blog will remain as a legacy feature, I’ve now started up a sub-domain—go check out! All future Webcomics postings will go there, but I will post plug links here. I’ve filled out this new section with selected older postings from here (including most of the old Comicana/Vamporama stuff), sometimes edited/adapted a little. More very soon—I have a few things I need to post, including the Vamporama movie poster mentioned above…

It was my birthday yesterday, but we don’t need to go into that.

I spent Saturday in Manchester at the Festival of Fantastic Films. We (that is, me and Steve) managed to shoot no less than eight interviews and these will be used in various ways in the coming weeks/months.

Later on the Saturday night, we went to see John Carpenter‘s “Release the Bats” gig at the Victoria Warehouse. I wasn’t best keen on the venue (and I’m not alone in this) but the gig itself was terrific. Pics & stuff from both to follow.

“With Chips”

Okay! Following on from “Hail Cthulhu!” Redux, this is the second and final strip celebrating the tenth birthday of Club Comicana Vamporama. It’s also the last new J&M strip to go on here for a while, probably, as I’m working on Club Vamporama #1, an actual PRINT comic. The cover is finished; I might post a preview sometime.

Starting next week or the week after, regular weekly Webcomics will begin on here! And I’ll be offering you ways to support this too. Details need to be ironed out. More later, etc. Hope you enjoy the comic… it’s a hint of things to come… please leave your comments below. Thanks!!

With Chips

Art: Yez Truly; Script: LizzyB

I Didn’t Vote Mk II

So, a couple of days ago, I made this long posting about not voting. In the EU Referendum thing. Yeah, that EU Referendum. Heard about it? No shit. Well… one response I got to it (a reply I didn’t even disagree with) somehow made me highly dissatisfied with what I’d written. This is a troublesome swamp to be wading in. Right now, I’m not sure I want to, to that extent. My position isn’t changed, and it’s simple: I’m an anarchist—I don’t suppport the system/establishment as it currently exists—I do not involve myself in voting within this system one way or the other.

The original posting has been marked private for a while. Maybe it’ll be back, or I’ll present a more detailed position here or elsewhere, in the near future…

For now, that’s all! More art/comics coming soon!

“Hail Cthulhu!” Redux

New comics! As some of you know, I stopped doing comics after February 2013. I later published a collection of my work early in 2014. During the hiatus I did some other things, including a few T-shirt designs. Anyhow, the strip pitch idea I mentioned recently was the first comics I’d done since Feb ’13; but right now I’m moving towards a number of new projects, including regular Webcomics and a revival of Club Comicana Vamporama.

Yup, Club Com/Vamp is, as of June 2016, exactly ten years old! To celebrate, there will be two new strips; firstly, a reworking of an older strip, below—to be followed shortly by an all-new one! As ever, the (revised) script is by Liz B and the art is by Yours Truly…

Hail Cthulhu Redux

The original version of this strip can be seen here—compare & contrast!!

Feedback is always welcome. Please leave comments below!

Dog Microchipping & Beyond

Compulsory since April 6th this year, the mandating of microchipping for dogs in the UK (and the rest of the EU, come to that) represents, to my mind, a step too far in this cycle of out-of-control Big Government.

There are a lot of pro arguments for dog chipping, parrotted from official propaganda—it’s ‘essential’ to combat the growing stray dogs problem, for instance, even though the numbers for such have dropped massively in the last 30-odd years (when did you last see a stray dog?); to not comply means you’re not a ‘responsible’ dog owner (classically idiotic, black & white, Us vs Them thinking), etc.

It’s all smoke & mirrors. The real purpose of this asinine, fascistic “law” is twofold: firstly, the big corporate interests manufacturing these techno-turds profit handsomely from it (a la many other unnecessary medical applications & drugs); secondly, it forms part of the acclimatising process that readies the public for HUMAN IMPLANTS.

Crazy? Improbable? Tinfoil hat territory? Not really. Since this law came into force, (not so) coincidentally we’ve already seen a literal raft of positive propaganda pieces about the medical benefits of chip implants in human beings. And the stories about this stuff just keep on coming……

Endgadget reports on microchip pacemakers.

Microchipping children is being discussed.

Technology will allows us to become post-humans. And it’s been in the planning stages for quite a long time.

The Neo-Liberal assholes over at Huff-Po are all for it.

All this is well and good as long as it remains ELECTIVE. But it clearly won’t. When implants are tied into electronic forms of identification (something the EU Digital Single Market collective is pushing for), the fact is you won’t be able to go anywhere or purchase anything unless you submit to having one of these wretched implants. Oh, it’ll be your choice. Just not a very fucking desirable choice—unless dropping off the grid entirely is what you wish to do.

So all you people saying it’ll never happen, think again. Since when was the implanting of foreign bodies* into living beings on a non-optional basis something we would deem okay in a so-called democratic, free society? Well, it’s happened with dogs. A decade down the line, it’ll happen with us. By which time the majority will accept it as blindly and uncritically as they’ve accepted it for our poor dogs. Frankly, this reminds me of something.

(*Foreign bodies with a 1 to 10% chance of causing medical problems, by the way—a statistic the Powers That Be describe as ‘negligible’. Not that we can demand any assurance in writing anyway. The government is above the law, after all…)

We are, in the end, lab rats to be experimented upon and socially engineered. Even as our privacy and freedom is stripped away, the distractions and red herrings come thick and fast. All the while, things we once found unacceptable are being normalised for us. Privacy? Reality TV has helped to normalise the invasion of our personal space—right up to the odious, irredeemable Gogglebox normalising the idea of, essentially, watching a television that’s watching us (which, with Smart tech and the “Internet of Things” is more or less becoming a reality).

Our government seriously crossed the line with mandating the chipping of dogs. And few people seem to care.

That’s a pretty scary sign.

Birmingham Horror Group June ’16

Photo from last night’s Birmingham Horror meeting. At the Spread Eagle, Acocks Green. We’re considering options for moving venue to the city centre soon.

Birmingham Horror Group, June 2016

Steve Green, Yours Truly, Iain Grant & Giles Logan. Ray Holloway showed up later.

Comedy Interlude: Freddie Four-Eyes

It was taken about three weeks ago, but really—too good not to share on this blog.

Freddie Four-Eyes

Plus: possibly the greatest dog video ever… as Fred tries and fails to get Steve’s attention.

She’s Alive

Okay, I’m a day late, but I am actually here! And I will be posting more later or tomorrow, but right now—here’s an unused panel from a strip I’ve been working on. It’s literally all I can put out there right now as it is part of a pitch intended for publication, but maybe it intrigues a little… I can say, the finished thing is in colour, and the final version of this panel is really pretty similar to this one. But that’s all!

She's Alive